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It's not luck, it's years of experience...

Getting your business in front of the right people is a combination of great web development, SEO (to make sure your site is optimised to be found), and ongoing supportive marketing activity - which are exactly the things we specialise in!

Seven creative were established in 2005 bringing together skills and qualification gained marketing for companies such as the BBC, Land Rover, National Geographic and Powergen.

We're not hard-nosed business people who work relentlessly towards taking over the world - we're just a group of hard-working individuals who love what they do and strive to provide the highest levels of services.

Here is a brief list of our main services:

Web design and development

We create great websites that actually work - site's that bring in business and provide you with a tangible return on investment. Everything from simple brochure sites to support your business and reinforce your credibility; to full e-ccomerce websites with thousands of products selling all over the world. 

For many businesses, their website is one of the most important supportive sales tools they'll have so it's important not to make a mistake. Let us guide you through the process to get your message in front of the right people. 

We never charge for proposals and we'll happily sit with you to help plan your site. Call us today on 0114 235 2002 or get in touch through our contact page.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO services)

Many website owners find their site either slipping down the search engine rankings or sometimes just nowhere to be found in the first place! This can be either to do with competitors working harder to get their own websites up the rankings, the fact that the on-page SEO was never done properly, because the site owner has paid for some poor-quality SEO, or any combination of these. Whatever the reason, it's not a position anyone would like to find themselves!

Here at Seven Creative we specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO services). We provide the full range of ethical on-site and off-site SEO to get your site up the rankings and in front of your target customers. Our techniques will make sure that your site avoids getting penalised by Google whilst enjoying a long-term boost up the rankings. 

Our packages can be tailored to suit any budget and any requirements. We don't over-promise but will give you realistic expectations about what is achievable and how quickly. Call us today on 0114 235 2002 or get in touch through our contact page.

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Content writing services

Great writing provides many benefits - for brochures and printed materials it will be clear and easy to read; for websites it will communicate your message quickly and effectively; for blogs and social media it will be engaging and interesting – whatever you need it for, it need doing properly!

Our main content writing services consist of:

  • SEO copywriting for websites – including full competitor and search engine analysis. Helping to get your site up the organic search engine rankings
  • Copywriting for blogs – we’ll write the content, you publish it. Of course, if you’d like us to manage the blog too, we can do that!
  • Website copy services – you can either give us the brief and we’ll write the content for you of send over your notes and we’ll turn them into properly formatted website content.
  • Micro-blogging – we can either contribute to or fully-manage the social media side of your business. Engaging with customers, replying to posts, creating conversation topics – whatever the level of involvement you, we can provide this.

Get in touch with us today on 0114 235 2002 or get in touch through our contact page to see how our content writing and SEO services can help your business.

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