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Film and Video can be a very powerful tool for marketing your business, both internally to your staff and externally to your potential market.  Whether it be on your website, on your premises, at a conference or on the television a video can help you get your point across in an easy-to-understand format and to a wide range of people.  Video is a fantastic way of engaging customers and has the power to positively enhance the way your business sells its ideas, products and services.

Here is an example of a short advertising and promotional film we made recently for our client, Mr Rubble, to help communicate their unique selling points and differentiate them from other skip companies

Increase your search engine rankings and grab peoples attention

Including a high-quality video on your website has many advantages. It is an innovative way of getting your potential customer's attention, and can be one of the most effective ways to commnicate your companies products and services.  It can also bring more visitors to your website as including video has positive effect on your search engine rankings by increaseing your position within search results. One other benefit, that is often overlooked, is the fact that online searches are changing. Your potential customers are now more likely to search using other searche engines such as youTube. 

With more and more businesses employing this tactic, your video needs to stand out from the crowd, and make sure that people enjoy watching it for more than just a few seconds. Pages of text can be very useful if you have the time to read them, but video can deliver a high impact introduction to your brand that will engage potential customers and build trust.

Whether you wish to produce a video testimonial, an interview, or a corporate or marketing video Seven Creative will work with you to develop the script and source voiceover actors, ensure you are targeting your audience correctly, with the right tone and feel for them and provide you with a fantastic film that you can use in the required setting, with effective results.

Additionally we can source and provide useful "stock videos" which can be used as snippets on your website or integrated into a bespoke video.

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