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Customer-Led Digital Marketing

Established in 2005 and based in Sheffield, Seven Creative brings together expertise in a variety of synergistic fields including marketing, business consultancy, graphic design, website design, journalism and search engine optimisation.

Our ethos is one of fairness to the customer and working with them to provide a bespoke solution to fit their individual needs.

Our commitment to customer care and support allows our customers to take control of their own websites, email marketing and the like, whilst knowing that a responsive team of people are avilable to answer and questions and assis them at any time.

Our Aims

To work with the customer to provide the best solution for their individual business

To offer support in the medium to long term; not just today

To empower the customer by enabling management of website content, wherever possible.

Ethical Policy

Our ethical policy comes down to one long-term approach: We refuse to unnecessarily tie customers in to long term costs for updating, changing or adding to their website when there is no need. Wherever possible, we will offer the customer the ability to do this for themselves.

Environmental Policy

We are very much committed to reducing waste and encouraging sustainability. We recycle all office waste products, use energy from green suppliers with a carbon offset and use sustainable resources wherever possible.

We currently provide free consultancy to a number of Green projects.